Our Revolution: Michigan to Believe In is proud to announce a name change. We are now Our Revolution Michigan for Bernie Sanders 2020. 

This Our Revolution group is approved by the national organization founded by Bernie Sanders. 


We’re a statewide coalition of progressive grassroots activists working in and alongside the Democratic Party:

  • Working on local and state level issues using advocacy and resistance methods including those developed by the Bernie campaign and by Indivisible

  • Developing progressive leadership through campaign staff and candidate training and mentorship

  • Creating a more progressive, more transparent, and more effective Michigan Democratic Party: transforming the Party, recognizing that many progressives have been working within the Party toward change for years. 

  • Connecting with our allies in progressive, environmental, Democratic, labor, and other groups. 

Our Revolution Michigan for Bernie Sanders 2020 was established by former Bernie staffers and grassroots organizers. We warmly welcome former supporters of other presidential candidates. We are dedicated to partnering and working collaboratively with other progressive organizations, and we ascribe to the platform and positions of the national Our Revolution organization.   

Recent and ongoing projects include:

  • Organizing now to oppose the dangerous and unnecessary NEXUS Pipeline in Southeast Michigan. 
  • Training candidates and campaign staff for regional and local office!
  • ORMi-endorsed candidates were elected to major positions at the Michigan Democratic Party State Convention on Feb. 11th, including: Second Vice Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party; Corresponding Secretary of the Michigan Democratic Party; Chair of the LGBT & Allies Caucus; Chair of the Disabilities Caucus; Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary & Treasurer of the Environmental Caucus; Vice Chair, Secretary & Treasurer of the Progressive Caucus; and 47+ member and alternate spots on the State Central Committee (final tallies are not in yet).
  • Recruiting, mentoring and supporting progressive candidates (including 4 already successfully elected in Nov. 2016)
  • Resolution in support of redistricting, which was approved at the MDP State Convention.
  • Local groups in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Monroe, Lenawee, Ypsilanti, the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, and the UP. More coming soon.
  • Successful statewide drives to increase the number of precinct delegates & to increase MDP Membership and involvement.
  • Organized the Women's March - Ann Arbor (11,000+ at the rally; 20,000+ marched!) with Progressives at the University of Michigan.
  • Organized the April 15th 2017 Tax March - Ann Arbor with Progressives at the University of Michigan.
  • Organizing to train candidates and campaign staff for regional and local office!