No to the NEXUS Pipeline: Call Your Senators

ACTION ALERT:  Contact Senators Stabenow and Peters



The proposed 250-mile NEXUS pipeline would carry up to 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas daily under high pressure from Kensington, Ohio to a gas storage facility in SE Michigan. It's dangerous and we don't need the gas--it is destined for Canada! Call or email Senators Peters and Stabenow Senator Gary Peters (D). Then contact 3+ senators on the Energy Committee that will conduct the Hearings on Trump's FERC nominees (Sen. Stabenow serves on this committee). Scroll down for talking points!

                                  Senator Gary Peters (D) Offices


(313) 226-6020


(517) 377-1508 

Grand Rapids

(616) 233-9150 


(906) 226-4554


(248) 608-8040


(989) 754-0112 

Traverse City

(231) 947-7773

Washington DC

(202) 224-6221 

Email: (webform)


 Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) Offices


(517) 203-1760

Upper Peninsula

(906) 228-8756

SE Michigan

(313) 961-4330

Northern Michigan

(231) 929-1031

West Michigan

(616) 975-0052

Washington DC

(202) 224-4822


(810) 720-4172



 Email: (webform) 

The Members of the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources are:

Democrats/aligned Dems


Sen. Maria Cantwell, Minority Ranking Member: 2022243441

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chair: 202 224 6665

Senator Bernie Sanders: 202 224 5141

Senator Rob Portman: 202 224 3353

Senator Al Franken: 202 224 5641

Senator John Barrasso: 202 224 6441

Senator Ron Wyden: 202 224 5244

Senator James Risch: 202 224 2752

Senator Angus King: 202 224 5344

Senator Mike Lee: 202 224 5444

Senator Mazie Hirono: 202 224 6361

Senator Jeff Flake: 202 224 4521

Senator Tammy Duckworth: 202 224 2854

Senator Steve Daines: 202 224 2651

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: 202 224 3542

Senator Cory Gardner: 202 224 5941

Senator Joe Manchin: 202 224 3954

Senator Lamar Alexander: 202 224 4944

Senator Martin Heinrich: 202 224 5521

Senator John Hoeven: 202 224 2551


Senator Luther Strange: 202 224 4124


Senator Bill Cassidy: 202 224 5824


  • Right Now, FERC can’t approve any new pipelines because they don't have the legal quorum necessary to do so. Let's keep it that way.
  • We need to urge the senators to call for an investigation of FERC.
  • We need to urge them to oppose the president’s nominations to FERC: Neil Chatterjee & Robert Powelson are closely allied with the oil and gas industry. 

Talking points...

  • I am calling to urge the Senator to oppose hearings on the President’s nominations for the vacant FERC Commissioner Seats. The hearings begin this Thursday, May 25th.
  • Instead I want the Senator to make it his/her/their top priority to hold hearings into the abuses of power and law being experienced by communities across this nation at the hands of FERC and to identify needed reforms.
  • Without hearings and reforms FERC will continue to abuse its power and the health, safety and welfare of all decent people here in America.
  • FERC very rarely turns down an energy company request. They are not really regulating energy companies, they are collaborating.


  • Installing Commissioners advanced by a President with business interests around the world that conflict with good decision-making and energy policy here in the U.S., particularly one that demands loyalty to himself from his agency heads, is a serious national security risk.
  • Pipelines shouldn’t go within 400 feet of schools or 50 feet of homes--and this one will.
  • We have excess natural gas capacity in Michigan. Michigan's working families shouldn't bear the risk for Canada to get gas--and for Enbridge and DTE to get profit. 

    Thank you to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and NoToNEXUS for much of this information and call-in information.

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